This article will tell you what you need when scuba diving off our boats in the Florida Keys.

For planning the packing, you might first open up our dive bags and thoroughly go through each item. Use a simple notes app with checkmarks. When planning on going on a trip, everything you want to take is in the list, and unchecked. That way, you have days and days to add to the list so there’s nothing forgotten at the last minute. As you pack, check items off my list as they go into a gear bag. When you return from a trip, there’s one more important stop. Uncheck items as you unpack –that lets you see if there is anything that did not make it home with me, say, a pair of booties left on a dive boat that must be replaced before the next trip. It’s better to find out if you are missing items long in advance so you have time to replace them. That takes care of dive gear.

Next comes personal packing – plot out exactly what outfits you will wear each day, with a few alternatives in case of warmer or cooler weather, in order to keep the luggage to a minimum. For women, styling a trip around fewer pairs of shoes can significantly reduce the number of different-colored accessories and the volume of clothing packed. How many times have you gone somewhere and worn only about half what you took? Every time you travel; try to reduce the list. Wearing something twice is not a horrible dilemma, either!

If you don’t like paper cups then bring our own water bottles. Note: most dive boats will have paper cups or a water container for you to use, if you don’t bring your own. These are all Specialized water bottles designed for cycling. We find they fit easily in every cup holder in any vehicle, slide easily into dive bags, don’t leak or spill, don’t sweat excessively, and they keep water cold for a decent amount of time – several hours. We actually supply snacks on our boats, but if you don’t like chips, cookies, or peanut butter crackers then you might want to pick something up at the Winn-Dixie located a mile from our shop.

Make sure to bring your camera to take some underwater pictures. And don’t forget the chargers.

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